Global Wall of Hope Youth Campaign to Stop Violence Against Girls and Women.

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Engage in a global speak out on YouTube.

Young people can unite globally in the following activities

Engage in a global speak out on YouTube. Students will create one minute speeches reflecting their thoughts, feelings, and commitments about stopping VAW in their schools, communities, and countries.

Create Wall of Hope art and photography, exhibited in schools and communities, and then auctioned off to support local orgs and NGO’s working to stop VAW.

Create human Walls of Hope, positioning their entire student body in a powerful and fun unified statement, “standing up for HOPE”, spelling out NO VAW and HOPE (Dec 10, 2016, and March 8, 2017).

Write OP-ED’s, submitting them to their local newspapers, with awards for each one that is published. In the United States, the NY Times will sponsor a lunch for the best OP-Ed with Nick Kristoff. In the UK, the Guardian will sponsor a lunch with Malala. Gloria Steinham will host a dinner for the five winning female entries.

Photograph school and community Walls of Hope, and then post on you tube and Instagram, as well as the Wall of Hope web site and fb page.

“Shame on You Tube” will be an opportunity for students to post the one thing that they are most upset or passionate about regarding violence against women (or the one thing they would like to see changed the most in their school or community. Here’s an example from Nepal- I want the rape law changed in my country, Nepal, 35 days is hardly enough time to file charges against an accused rapist. SHAME ON YOU, Constituent Assembly of Nepal for not changing the rape law” Change it now!!

Celebrities, mostly women, around the world will participate in a “speak out” of their own, posting their own skyped 1 minute talks. The talks will be posted to YouTube every hour for the duration of the 16 days.
There will also be a “tweetathon,” with celebrities and public figures posting tweets throughout the 16 day Wall of Hope United Nations Campaign. Every tweet will come with a donation from the celeb to the charity of their choice working to stop violence against women.

Break the silence on the violence. Share your own story anonymously or with your name, making it real, and encouraging others to speak out.

The Wall of Hope invites and encourages other creative activities and advocacy actions to take place. Let us know what you’re doing and the Wall of Hope Campaign will share your activity on our web site.