Global Wall of Hope Youth Campaign to Stop Violence Against Girls and Women.

Wall of Hope Campaign Nepal

NEPAL... where it all started

The Wall of Hope Campaign started in Nepal in 2013 and is carried out by Human Rights Film Focus Nepal (HRFFN), a small, grass root human rights organization.

Having visited dozens of schools and reaching thousands of students, HRFFN continues to bring the Wall of Hope Campaign to schools and social organizations all over Nepal.

Our Local Partner: Human Rights Film Focus Nepal

HRFFN's main objective is creating a platform for human rights awareness through the screening of human rights films. HRFFN has been organizing film screenings, coupled with discussions and speaker sessions, since 2011. Highlight of the organization was the nation wide screening on national television of the documentary The Sari Soldiers, on human rights day 2012.


Wall of Hope Program

HRFFN conducts the Wall of Hope mainly at schools, but also visits social organizations. The school program consists of a video and discussion part, followed by the creation of a Wall of Hope. HRFFN is also running a petition campaign to support some legal changes to combat violence against women and girls.

Please visit the HRFFN website at, to get in touch and bring the Wall of Hope Campaign to your school, organization or neighborhood.