Global Wall of Hope Youth Campaign to Stop Violence Against Girls and Women.

School Participation Program


The Wall of Hope Campaign is a global youth campaign and therefor mainly targeting schools. We invite schools from all over the world to take part in our campaign and organize a Wall of Hope program for their students.

The school program consists of two main parts, which can be extended with many other activities. The two main parts cover our two basic and unifying elements:

  1. Educate young people Organizing a film screening, a speaker and/or a forum at the school or in the community.
  2. Create a Wall of Hope Somewhere on or off the school campus or in the community, a Wall of Hope is created, using hard walls, soft walls, banners, cloth, or other materials.

Other activities are strongly encouraged, including using the initial Wall of Hope project to form an ongoing group that will continue to address issues related to violence against women (VAW).

Additional activities to be considered can take many forms. Some examples:

  • creating a human wall of hope, where school children are positioned to spell out a strong message against VAW;
  • engage in a speak out on YouTube, where students create one minute speeches reflecting their thoughts, feelings, and commitments about stopping VAW in their schools, communities, and countries;
  • write op-eds and submit them to local and national news papers;
  • create Wall of Hope art and photography, which can be exhibited in the school or local community and auctioned to support VAW-projects around the world;
  • start a petition campaign to gain support for social and legal change in your country.


When signing up for the school program, the Wall of Hope Campaign will provide you with toolkit containing video and other materials that can be used during the program. If a local partner is active in your country, they can help you organize the program, get speakers involved and help focus on local or national VAW issues.