Global Wall of Hope Youth Campaign to Stop Violence Against Girls and Women.


Calling out to schools

Dear Principal or Administrator,

We invite your school to participate in an exciting new and innovative education initiative called a “Youth Speak Out.” Two hundred schools (possibly more) will invite or assign students to research various topics related to violence against women and girls.

Following their research they will create a one to two minute speech on one of the topics. Students will then present their speeches to their fellow students via zoom or other social media platforms. Your school will then select the top speech in each category and enter it into a national contest.

Our team will then put the speeches on our You Tube site where they can be seen by the general public and also a panel of judges. The judges will choose the best speeches in the country on each topic, and those students (15) will gather in Kathmandu on March 8th, International Women’s Day to present their speeches on a national television. They will also be honored at an awards ceremony, with each student receiving special prizes, including a tablet for their continued educational pursuits.

As long as supplies last, each school will receive a copy of the book, SOLD, as a thank you for participating in the project. Schools can also have the SOLD film transferred to their computer or hard drive. Schools can also create a Wall of Hope on a solid wall or flex.

Frequently asked questions

Q: For which students?

The Youth Speak Out will take place within Grades 8,9,10. Students of any gender can participate.


Q: In what language?

Speeches can be in English, Nepali or one of the national languages of Nepal.

Q: When to submit?

Speeches can be submitted starting December 15. Last date for submitting speeches is Feb 15, 2021.



More information & Resources

Letter to principals: English, Nepali (pdf)

Student Guidelines: English, Nepali (pdf)


This initiative is very mindful of Covid-19 and will take all precautions to maximize the safety of students, teachers, administrators, and our team. If you have any questions or recommendations regarding making the project even more safe please let our coordinators know.


All schools are strongly encouraged to participate in advocacy activities taking place in March, 2021, particularly on March 8, International Women’s Day. Consult with our coordinators for ideas with your schools and communities.

How to engage in the Youth Speak Out

Choose students who will participate(either assign them or ask for volunteers). There is no limit to how many students can participate in your school. Give participating students a deadline (suggest Feb 10, 2021) to submit their speeches. Be sure all of the topics are evenly represented. You or your staff choose the best speech on each subject, record all of the speeches, and turn over to our team the best sixteen speeches to our team by sending them to us by Feb 15, 2021.

Girl writing a message of hope


  • Dec 10: Youth Speak Out launches
  • Dec 11 - Feb 15: Schools register for the competition
  • Dec 11 - Feb 10: Students create and share speeches on all the topics among their peers
  • Feb 10: Students submit their final speeches to the principals
  • Feb 10 - Feb 15: Principals select, help the selected speakers record their speech, and submit the best speech on each subject to Wall of Hope
  • Feb 28: Best of the Best Speeches are selected; result is announced
  • March 1 - 5: Speeches are filmed
  • March 8: Felicitation Event, Airing of the best of the best speeches on social media and national television
    Social Media

Selected speeches will be placed on our website, a dedicated YouTube site, and Facebook.

We encourage schools to place all of their student’s speeches on their school Facebook page and website.

Evaluation and Final Reporting

Following the conclusion of the Youth Speak Out initiative, we invite principals, students, and teachers to fill out evaluation forms, submitting them online to our team by March 15, 2021. We would also like you to write a short summary report regarding your school’s participation.

Submit your video

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If you have questions or need more information, you can contact us at or use our contact form.